The Wonder Years Grapple With Pandemic Anxiety On ‘Low Tide’

Pensylvania pop punk group The Wonder Years, whose peers include bands like The Menzingers and Tigers Jaw, are prepping for the release of The Hum Goes On Forever, their seventh studio album. So far, they’ve released “Summer Clothes,” “Oldest Daughter,” and “Wyatt’s Song (Your Name),” and now they’re unveiling the cathartic track “Low Tide,” which deals with pandemic anxiety and is full of infectious hooks.

“It’s searching for some semblance of normalcy through small, newly formed rituals,” leader Dan Campbell said. “It’s being unsure if I’ll ever get to do the thing I love again, if live music will ever come back. It’s deciding to just give up and then deciding not to give up and then deciding to give up again in alternating intervals. It’s watching old movies and unconsciously thinking ‘Oh my god, where are your masks?’ when people are in public places because a deep anxiety now exists within me that may never fully leave. You know, all the normal stuff.”

The album is the outfit’s first since Campbell has become a father, so themes of fatherhood appear on the LP as well, a long with reckonings with trauma and existential dread.

Listen to “Low Tide” above.

The Hum Goes On Forever is out 9/23 via Hopeless Records. Pre-order it here.