Zach Bryan Returns To Ticketmaster For His Tour: ‘I’ll Continue To Feel Absolutely Horrible’

Last year, Zach Bryan unveiled a live album cleverly titled All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster. When he announced a tour in January, he proudly revealed that the cursed ticketing website would not be involved.

However, on Tuesday the country star shared on social media that he’s returning to Ticketmaster. “Everyone complained about AXS last year. Using all ticketing sites this year,” he wrote. “All my homies still do hate Ticketmaster but hard to realize one guy can’t change the whole system. It is intentionally broken and I’ll continue to feel absolutely horrible about the cost of tickets in an unfair market.”

When Bryan first announced his Ticketmaster-less plan, touring experts said it would be a challenge. “He could mount his own shows in public or non-Live Nation owned spaces, but that is an incredibly time-consuming logistical challenge, from liquor permits to government ordinances and independent security, ticketing, food and beverage vendors,” a source told Rolling Stone. “The less autonomous but easier maneuver is avoiding the Live Nation/TM complex wherever possible and using SeeTickets, AXS, or other less gouge-y ticket retailers. That is much less difficult, but in some markets, is impossible.”

Zach Bryan is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.