Sensational Foods You Can Only Eat At Coachella

Over the next two weekends, glitter-bedecked scenesters from all over the world will flock to the Southern California desert for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Just like the music, the art, and many of the experiences between stages, the food is curated with a keen eye for top-caliber talent and unforgettable productions.

With three days each weekend and three meals each day, that leaves (*back of the envelope calculation*)… nine meals to make the most of the experience. The problem? There are more than 50 food purveyors, making figuring out what to eat as challenging as deciding between two of your favorite musicians performing at the same time.

Fortunately, many of these culinary delights can be found in restaurants outside the festival. But what about those ephemeral options that can only be enjoyed during the event? These are true once-in-a-lifetime tastes. We can’t live your life for you, but we can do our best to break down eight Coachella food offerings that you won’t want to miss.

That ninth one? That’s your freebie. Roll the dice on something and report back to us.

SUSHI SPEAKEASY — Sushi by Scratch

Easily the most talked-about food offering this year is Chef Phillip Frankland Lee’s 17-course sushi meal served in an Omakase speakeasy, hidden behind an unmarked door. Planned as a new spin on the traditional sushi counter experience, there are a mere 12 seats for each serving, to enhance the intimacy of the experience.

Dinner will set you back $375 plus fees, but the memory of this meal will probably live on in your dreams forever.

PLANT-BASED VIP DINNER — Outstanding In The Field

For a laid-back, family-style four-course meal along a 275-person long table, head to Outstanding in the Field. Here, 11 of the top chefs in the world will converge for a different dining experience each evening. Chefs Ayinde and Makini Howell, will host a fully plant-based meal. Chef Burt Bakman (SLAB) and Chef Eric Greenspan will be hosting a Passover Seder. Each dinner celebrates local farmers, and the backdrop of Coachella’s VIP Rose Garden will make the occasion that much more special. Rates are $295 plus fees.


Lay’s, the potato chip company, is joining the party too. This year they’re unveiling a mysterious, reservation-only “Fresh 4D” tasting, which promises 100% sustainably-sourced potatoes from farm to face in under 24-hours. Under a structure they’ve described as “Potadomes” in a press release, it’ll be a multi-sensory snacking experience complete with “three elevated bites that are an ode to the familiar Lay’s flavors consumers know and love.”

OYSTERS IN THE DESERT — Broad Street Oyster Co

Oyster popup

If lobster rolls are your religion, the Broad Street Oyster Co pop-up at Coachella is going to be church. This year guests of this reservation-only experience can look forward to burgers, shellfish, anchovy toast, shrimp galore, lobster, and a heavenly round of everyone’s favorite sea-born aphrodisiac, the eponymous oyster. The multi-course meal otherwise top caliber seafood experience.


Thanks to a world-class team-up between The Sushi Nozawa Group and California’s renowned sushi restaurant Razorfish, sushi is affordable and accessible again at Coachella. Try it at the Rose Garden with your VIP wristband. Their signature “hand-rolled bar” combines convenience and decadence with a fancy-made-casual flair. Plus, you can eat it with your hands!

EGGSLUT X UMAMI — Umami Burger with Alvin Cailan

Alvin Cailan Umami Burger Coachella

Californians know Umami, but there’s almost nowhere else to get a chance to be served by the dynamic and beloved Alvin Cailan. Known for his exceptional Filipino food, Cailan has served the likes of Seth Rogen and Padma Lakshmi. He’s also celebrated for founding the now hailed breakfast spot, EggSlut in Los Angeles. Now that he’s teamed up with Umami, leaving it off your must-do list would be a faux pas for any self-respecting foodie.


Surprisingly owned in part by pro wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Salt & Straw is famous for their “curiously delicious” ice cream shops. This year, Wunderground Coffee teamed up with Salt & Straw to take the science of ice cream even further. They’re slated to serve a totally different adaptogenic ice cream flavor for each day of the festival! Miss a day and you may never have the chance to try that flavor again.


In a rare partnership with six artists from the music lineup, popular Smash Burger icon Love Hour will be serving up collaborative (and secret) items. Artists like Louis the Child, Carly Rae Jepson, Eyedress, Omar Apollo, and more all weighed in to make these unique flavors sing. Each artists’ burger is available for one day only though, so get ‘em while you can.