Gifts For The Woman In Your Life That Cost Under $50 (But Still Feel Expensive)


It’s not easy being broke around the holidays. You want to get everyone lavish presents, but you also want to be able to pay your rent in January. And eat. And pay your health insurance. And car payment. And student loan bills. And….hold on, having a quick panic attack, a few calming breaths and…okay. We’re back!

As we were saying, you can’t always do it all when you’ve attracted more bills than a child throwing stale bread into a pond. Money is tight for many of us. However, it doesn’t matter how broke you are, you still have to get something for the special lady in your life around the holidays (or she’ll think you’re a monster). But what can you get when all you have is a couple of twenties, a stick of gum, and crippling anxiety about the state of your finances?

Actually, plenty. We’ve put together a list of presents you can get your girlfriend/wife/female ghost who has taken up residence in your closet that are affordable but still memorable. These are all under $50 and will make your girlfriend/wife/female ghost who has taken up residence in your closet super happy. Well, probably not the ghost. She’s sooooo vengeful. But she’ll appreciate the effort at the very least.

A hanging succulent that will brighten up her living space

Price: $21.99

Who doesn’t love succulents? No, seriously. WHO? Tell us so we can shame them forever. They’re adorable! Okay, so, as a gift, this is a plant (which we know could sound a little bland). But it’s a stylish one that will make her place cooler. And the nice thing about succulents is that you’re not giving her something that’s going to be a lot of upkeep. A little green is vital to any home and this is the perfect way to make any room cheerier.

Plus, is this your first living creature together? Woah. Big leagues. Keep this alive and you’ll be ready for your first fish in no time.

Buy it here.

A wine decanter set that will up her hosting game.

Price: $39.99

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If you guys are a little low on money right now (and we know you are because you clicked on this gift guide) you may also be buying wines that are on the cheaper side. A wine decanter is an amazing trick to make any so-so wine look a heck of a lot better. Really, it works — just mentioning how “it opens up the flavor” will transport you.

A wine decanter set (the one we found actually comes with four stemless wine glasses!!) is relatively cheap, but feels like a gift picked out by someone with sophisticated taste.

Buy it here.

A “create your own cocktail” kit for a night of fun memories.

Price: About $50

This one is a little more complicated, but if you’ve ever talked about wanting to become cocktail masters, why not get started with a night of learning the basics or, even better, creating a signature drink for the two of you. You can do that by making a “create your own cocktail kit” basket. Start with a cocktail book, add in a set of different kinds of bitters, throw in several little airplane liquor bottles, and a couple bottles of juice. Make sure you have ice on hand. Then, get to experimenting.

You’re probaby going to make something so delicious you can sell the recipe for a million dollars and your money woes will be over. Or, at a minimum, you’ll get tipsy and try some fun new bedroom stuff. Both will be life-changing.

Buy a cocktail book here. And bitters set here.

An Amazon Fire tablet so she can read or browse on the train.

Price: $49.99

The Amazon fire tablet is just consistently a great buy for the price. It’s got almost everything you need from a tablet without feeling like you might as well just buy a new computer. And anytime you give what seems like a high-end electronic item as a gift, it feels like a splurge. It’s a useful present that also feels fun.

Buy it here.

A hot sauce gift set to give her life a little more flavor.

Price: $28.98

If your gal can’t get her food hot enough, a hot sauce gift set may be the perfect gift to spice things up a little. A true hot sauce connoisseur always has multiple kinds on hand for any flavor combo and this will either start or add to her collection. Plus, it’s just fun to try a bunch of different hot sauces and find your favorite. Pro-tip: Have some tacos on hand to go to town on.

Buy it here.

A lipstick gift set just in time for NYE parties.

Price: $24.50

There is no better time for a great lipstick than the holidays. Christmas parties, New Years, they all scream for a bold color that you can’t quite pull off the rest of the year. This Mac lipstick set will give her a few options to play around with and the price is fantastic. These usually go for closer to 20 bucks a piece and it’s a set of three. Definitely makes it feel like a more expensive gift.

Buy it here.

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A bracelet that will camouflage that hair tie she always has on her wrist.

Price: $34.99

It’s rare to find a woman in her twenties or thirties who doesn’t carry a hair tie around her wrist at all times like it’s that scary children’s story about the woman with the yellow ribbon around her neck. Will your girlfriend’s hand fall off if she removes the hair tie. Probably, yes. So give her this nifty bracelet that will keep it where she needs it while also being slightly more stylish. It’s a fun gift because it shows that you notice.

Buy it here.

A bathtub tray to make nights more relaxing.

Price: $39.99

If she love a glass of wine and reading in the bath and doesn’t already have a bathtub tray, this is a must-give. It’s seriously life changing to not have to reach for wine on the floor or get your book all sudsy. And because it’s more of a fun, relaxing gift, the lower price tag can’t take away how thoughtful it is. So put it in your cart and click, buy. This is a winner.

Buy it here.