This Bakery Is Charging Different Prices Depending On What ‘Pokemon Go’ Team You’re On

Shutterstock / The Pokémon Company

It’s fair to say that it kinda feels like Pokemon Go has taken over the free world. People of different social castes have found themselves bonding with strangers hunting Pokemon and then, in turn, have redrawn the battle lines according to the game’s three teams. Perhaps, in a way, Pokemon Go is not simply an augmented reality game for smartphones, but a social experiment that sees what happens when people are allowed to control their own lot in life (as long as it falls within three colors), or maybe people are just having a lot of fun. Either way, really.

The latest bit of fun comes to us from FoodBeast, reporting on a bakery in Toronto that is not only embracing the idea of Pokemon Go‘s three teams, but drawing very clear battle lines; they are clearly on the side of Team Valor. If you are also on Team Valor and happen to be hitting up WaffleU in Toronto you can find yourself sitting pretty with a 50 percent-off discount. Team Instinct, well, if you claim to be on Team Instinct you pay full price, which might sound like a slight, but compared to Team Mystic players — who have to pay double — full price sounds just fine.

Did the world unite under the guise of playing Pokemon Go only to fragment again, or is everyone just wrapped up in having fun right now? That remains to be seen, just like the lifespan of the augmented reality game, but for now all that anyone can do is roam their neighborhood in search of answers with their phone in front of their face.

(Via FoodBeast)