Bask In The Creative Vibes Of The World’s Best Art Hotels


A big part of the magic of travel is the feeling of newness. Sometimes that manifests as a hike in an old growth forest, others it’s partying ’til 4am with new friends. This time around, it’s comes from sleeping in a room that’s art decorated far more thoroughly than your apartment will ever be. A hotel or guesthouse where no expense was spared to infuse creativity into the space.

Yep, we’re talking about art hotels. Those movie-set-like properties where you’re constantly left saying thinks like, “Is that a real Warhol?” or “Did Shepard Fairey install these paste-ups himself?”

Now this whole scene is sort of an acquired taste. You have to have enough money to spend to afford a room like one of these and also care enough about surrounding yourself with art to actually want to. But if being in close proximity to beautiful things feels important to you, one of these spots is likely to be a dream fit. The visuals are on point, the vibe is soaked in eclecticism, and the food and beverage options are often just as creative as the decor.

So here they are, the world’s best art hotels. Check our picks and tell us what we missed in the comments!

— Steve Bramucci, Travel Editor

The Sagamore: Miami Beach, Miami

The Sagamore, in Miami Beach, a place that’s already steeped in mid century art deco vibes, could probably fake their connection to the art world if they wanted. They could stretch the sauce a little, throw a few paintings up and call themselves an art hotel. But their commitment runs deep and is revealed in a million ways large and small.