The Best Cooking Competition Shows, According To The Masses

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The best cooking competition shows offer a mix of drama, high-stakes, and delicious-looking food. It’s a delicate balance that’s easily toppled. Some shows nail it and become part of the international zeitgeist like The Great British Bake Off. Others seem poised to be surefire wins with big names and enough cash to make anything happen yet they fizzle — remember the Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson led show The Taste? Us either.

So what’s the most watchable cooking competition show on TV? Uproxx fav Top Chef? Chopped? Nailed It!? We popped over to Ranker to find out what the people love watching right now. After well over 20,000 votes a top ten emerged. Sadly, Nailed It! ranked 40th while Lawson and Bourdain’s The Taste clocked in at 23. Oophf. What the hell do the masses know, anyway?

Still, the list offers some fun conversation fodder with an enticing group of cooking comps hitting the top ten. Each one has a little something different to offer and is worth seeking out, especially if you need something new to binge.