The Best Fast Food Milkshake Flavors, According To The Masses

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The best milkshake is a luscious indulgence. It’s not an everyday sort of treat. Or at least it probably shouldn’t be. The high-calorie content and a heavy hit of processed sugar make it a “treat yourself” sort of thing. All of that being said, milkshakes freakin’ rule and we wish we could have one for breakfast every single day.

Since most of us don’t have a professional Hamilton Beach milkshake machine sitting on our counters, we tend to go out for our shakes. (Though, if you do own a badass Hamilton Beach, respect. That’s a baller kitchen appliance flex.) So what are the best shakes on the market these days? To answer that, we turned to the masses over at Ranker. After 15,000 votes a clear top ten of great fast food milkshakes shook out, giving us a clear answer to which really are the best.

The below ten shakes are a pretty solid assortment. We’ve added the calorie count for a small (or regular) shake to each entry so you know what you’re getting into when you drive up to that take out window about 20 minutes after reading this.

10. Dairy Queen Frozen Hot Chocolate

DQ is probably the strongest choice for guaranteed goodness in the milkshake department. While a Blizzard is probably the best play, a shake from the Q is always a solid move. Their Frozen Hot Chocolate shake has a nice balance of unique flavor without being overly sweet.

It’s also a lot richer than a regular old chocolate shake from anywhere else.

Calorie count: 656

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