These Are The Best Food Trucks In Every Western State

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06.23.17 8 Comments

Okay, guys, we did it. This list officially wraps up our efforts to name the best food truck in every state in the nation. At the end of this journey, our team finds itself simultaneously starving and emotionally drained. We probably need to take this weekend to gorge our bellies and soothe our weary souls. Is it eating your feelings if one of your feelings is hunger?

In hindsight, this process hasn’t taught us any overarching life lessons, which undermines that Breakfast Club expectation we had coming into it. Like, seriously, we didn’t get high and dance at all. But, we do have an observation: It simply is not possible to pick a definitive best. Like, you don’t want to be the person who can’t narrow a list of favorites and says they like everything, but you also can’t conscionably be the person who rigidly asserts Papa John’s is the best pizza. You just can’t, okay? There has to be wiggle room to acknowledge multiple things are exceptional.

As you read through the list, take some time to reflect on our week together. Ask yourself why there wasn’t a single cupcake cart that was deemed the best. Question why Venezualan arepas are so hot on the food truck front, but no one is selling Icelandic hot dogs (for reals, Google them). And, leave some comments about how much you want to go to Montana and have ice cream. Some of us will go with you. I am sure it’s a business expense.

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