The Best Halloween Costumes Seen At 2021 Parties And Raves

Last year, we didn’t really get a Halloween. Sure, you might’ve dressed up as the Tiger King and eaten some candy, but the country was still in heavy lockdown during Halloween 2020 and we didn’t have the luxury of spending our holiday weekend cutting loose at a huge rave or house party as we do in normal years. With vaccination rates up and a lowering infection rate, this year was our chance to reclaim all of the unhinged hedonism that comes with everybody’s favorite holiday.

From the looks of it, people nationwide came out in full force.

Whether you’re posted up in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, or any other party city across the nation, you probably spent this weekend amongst a whole lot of people dressed as clowns, baby Yoda, or someone from Squid Game, and maybe even forgot for a second that we’re living amidst a global pandemic. That is, until you ran into the couple that tried to pull off being dressed as Covid-19 and the vaccine, or as we call it, “the absolute worst costume of 2021.”

Anyway, our main point is that this year Halloween really felt like Halloween and we couldn’t be happier about that. So happy, in fact, that we rounded up some of the best costumes from raves and parties across the country in order to live in the spooky season just a little longer.

Here are some of the best costumes on Instgram from Halloween 2021.