The Best Health Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

best health documentaries on netflix - pumping iron
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Last Updated: October 22nd

It’s not easy for a many of us to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Several factors can stand in the way — ill-conceived perceptions of food and exercise, emotional well-being, and economic barriers are only the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes we all need a reminder of why it’s so important to eat well and move our bodies.

The below list of Netflix offerings is here to give us all that extra push in the right direction, help us to better understand the food that’s going into our bodies, and teach us how best to burn that energy in a positive way. So here are the best health documentaries on Netflix right now.

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Born Strong (2017)

The feats of strength that the strongest men in the world reach are mind-blowing. Born Strong follows four of the strongest men on earth as the train and competes for the title of ‘strongest man alive.’ It’s a fascinating look at the psyche, diligence, and — dare we say — madness that propels these people. It’s exercise taken to the nth degree … to the point where you have to ask if it’s doing more harm than good for the person’s health.

The Magic Pill (2017)

The Keto diet has been getting a lot of airtime recently from athletes, actors, and doctors around the world. The diet which eschews processed grains, some dairy, and refined sugars in favor of fresh vegetables, proteins, and natural fats has been around for a while as a medical diet to treat severe maladies. So, it’s nothing new. Now, it’s caught on the mainstream and people are finding help with the diet.