Celebrate IPA Day With The Best IPAs (For People Who Don’t Like IPAs)

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The IPA (or some form of it) is arguably the most popular craft beer style in the country. It doesn’t matter where you live, your neighborhood bar has an IPA (or two) on draft right alongside the local lager your dad has been drinking since Dukakis was running for office. Also known as the India Pale Ale, the IPA is identified by a slightly bitter (sometimes really bitter), floral (occasionally dank) flavor.

People crush this hopped up beer varietal from San Diego to St. Petersburgh, but not everyone loves them. That’s why we’re constantly striving to introduce you to the world of sour beers, wheat beers, Mexican lagers, German lagers, craft lagers, stouts & porters (what’s the difference?), and even radlers and shandies. But with today being National IPA Day, we thought we’d show you some of the less hoppy IPAs on the market.

These are the more nuanced, juicy, sweet, citrus-like IPAs — perfect for a palate that feels overwhelmed by dank hop bombs. Check them out below!

Founders All Day IPA

We would never tell anyone that it’s okay to drink beer all day. But, this 4.7 percent session ale got its name because it’s low in alcohol and extremely balanced. Unlike some IPAs that are dominated by hops, this brew is balanced out by strong malt presence.

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