All Of The Best Food Moments From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

it's always sunny food moments

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is blasting through season 13 and just dropped a “clip show” in full absurdist Sunny fashion. There was a killer Frank wig and a full-on flashback to Seinfeld. It was, of course, a glorious display of madness.

That episode gave us an idea. It was high time we did a little reminiscing about one of the best and longest-running comedies. We took a slightly different path and pulled our absolute favorite (and sometimes disturbing) food scenes from the 13 season run of the show.

A quick note before we dive in: This is about food, not drinks. There are so so many amazing drinking moments from It’s Always Sunny that we may have to come back for another round. Until then, enjoy these food moments that Demonstrate Value in all the right ways.

“Chimichanga, you are delicious.” — Season Seven, Frank’s Pretty Woman

The introduction of Fat Mac was a delightful departure from the usual semi-swole self-proclaimed bouncer/bodyguard. The reveal comes at the beginning of season seven and finds Dennis truly concerned about his roommate’s health.

Even after Fat Mac finds out he has type two “dia-beetus,” he doesn’t give into a healthier way of life. In fact, he leads Dennis into his world of gluttony and sloth (and back to crack) with a literal trash bag full of chimichangas. And, let’s face it, we all long for a trash bag full of deep-fried burritos every now and then.

Frank’s Sausage Pocket — Season Five, Mac and Charlie Write a Movie

Frank’s greasy fingers ruin Dennis’ plan to be the greatest screenwriter of all time. This occurs because Frank discovers that his shirt pocket is the perfect place to store fried breakfast sausages, of course.

When those hunger pangs hit, sausages are right there and the shirt does “all the work.” Also, Dennis should have known better than to write a screenplay on a “new” touchscreen smartphone.