Last-Minute Gifts That Will Still Make It To Your Place By Christmas Eve

12.21.18 6 months ago


We have a little over — oh my god, it’s only FOUR DAYS! — until Christmas and if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping for this year, you’re probably feeling all sorts of stress and pressure. The thought of trekking through the mall and absorbing everybody else’s panicked vibe sounds like a real bummer of a time, too. And the lines!

Forget that. Instead, just relax, browse some Uproxx Gift Guides, and do all your shopping at home. Just as the internet Gods have always intended.

We’ve collected a list of practical gifts that will still be at your house by Christmas Eve (some as early as tomorrow!). Here are all the best last-minute gifts you can grab for (relatively) cheap.

Whiskey Rocks, $15.97 on Amazon


For fans of drinking whiskey (or any alcohol) straight.

Alcohol connoisseurs have differing opinions when it comes to letting ice water down their expensive booze. Some say that it’s important for flavor, while others crave the pure, unchanged taste of the liquor. If you’re shopping for someone in the latter camp, these granite whiskey rocks will keep your alcohol cool longer than the soapstone variety, and the rounded edges are designed to minimize clinks in the glass.

This set comes with nine cubes — plenty for sharing.

Buy them here!

Odor Exterminator Candle, $11.99 on Amazon


Know someone who smokes weed? Well, they probably don’t want their entire house smelling like marijuana when they wanna roll one up. Other scented candles will only add to the aroma but these smoke odor exterminator candles suck up the smell of smoke and leave behind the refreshing fragrance of coconut and pineapple. Why coconut and pineapple? You can surely choose something else, but winter is here and taking a bong rip and imagining you’re on a tropical island somewhere definitely sounds like a fun time.

Buy it here!

Bodum French Press, $15.39 on Amazon


Grab this for the person in your life who loves coffee but is above the whole drip method. A french press is a great way to get a fantastic tasting cup of coffee, and this single liter glass model by Bodum is solidly equipped to handle a ground free cup of delicious coffee. They can use it for tea too!

Buy it here!

Pepper Grinder, $10.01 on Amazon


Freshly ground pepper is so much more fragrant and delicious, this particular model by Kitchen-Go features a sleek design and comes with ceramic blades and three different adjustable coarseness levels. Pick it up for the burgeoning chef in your life.

Buy it here!

Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion (Or any book), $10.20 on Amazon


Sure digital books are more convenient these days, but they make crappy gifts. With an actual hard cover, the bookworm in your life can lend the gift out when they’re done reading or even write notes in the margins. You certainly don’t have to buy Slouching Towards Bethlehem, you can choose any book you think someone NEEDS to read. But if your loved one is a fan of the Life section of Uproxx (who wouldn’t be?) then this is a pretty safe bet. It’s a fucking classic.

Buy it here!

“Heroes” by David Bowie on Vinyl (Or any other album), $19.99 on Amazon


Again, you don’t have to buy “Heroes” by David Bowie but it’s a classic. Amazon is full of both new and second-hand vinyl so you can find a lot of really great stuff for well under $20. Pick up some vinyl for the audiophile in your life, even if they aren’t a super huge Bowie fan, the iconic cover alone will add some serious cred to their collection.

Buy it here!

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