Ranking The Best Lemonade Brands For Summer ’18 (Plus Cocktails To Make With Them)

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You know the phrase “When life gives you lemons make lemonade?” Well, it’s bullsh*t. We did the research and it turns out some carnival barker just really liked lemonade and tried to scam everyone around him into making it, in some weird display of carnival social-hierarchy dominance. We also learned that the politics of Carnival socialization are quite complex. Now, partaking in your own google search might yield you different results entirely. You may find that the phrase was actually first used by a Christian Anarchist (sure sounds real) named Elbert Hubbard in an obituary he wrote about an American actor, Marshall Pinckney Wilder. But you decide which sounds more like a real story!

**Narrator: It’s the second one.**

Regardless, today marks the fifth day of summer and nothing compliments rising temperatures like a nice glass of lemonade. And of course, like most beverages we loved to drink as children, lemonade is vastly improved with alcohol. So we thought we’d offer you the five best store-bought lemonades, ranked, and five easy cocktail recipes to go with them. Why only five? Because, believe it or not, a good lemonade is hard to find — probably because of the legal troubles getting involved with the lemonade biz brings about.

These drinks are nothing complicated. They’re designed to be thrown together quickly and once you’ve made them once they’ll be easy enough to eyeball when you inevitably make them again. Here are the lemonades ranked from delicious enough to make you double-take the label to straight up palatal ecstasy. Yes, we are taking it that seriously.

5. Hubert’s Lemonade


Hubert’s has a longer ingredients list than we like and uses a blend of sugar and stevia for a lower-calorie lemonade, but the assault of tart on the taste buds makes for an expressive mixer that pairs so well with the complexities of a good bourbon.

Muddle some peppermint leaves at the bottom of a highball glass, its important to work the oils out of the leaves (its okay to remove the sprigs if you’d like but we find they’re a nice visual addition to the drink). One to two shots of bourbon, a generous splash of lemon-lime soda, ice, and fill it up with Hubert’s, garnishing with lemon slices and mint!

This is a nice sweet and fizzy drink that balances well with the oakey earthy tones of bourbon and the overwhelming tart of the Hubert’s. The mint gives it a refreshing after taste that lingers on the palate, but feel free to get more adventurous has Hubert’s also makes a good Blackberry, Peach, and Watermelon lemonade that would pair just as nicely.


Bourbon Lemonade

  • In a highball glass
  • 1 1/2 oz – 2 1/2 oz Bourbon
  • 1/2 a cup of lemonade
  • generous splash of Lemon-Lime Soda
  • Garnish with mint

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