July 13th Is National French Fry Day — Here’s How To Score Free Fries

There isn’t a single fast food item better than French fries. They’re the perfect side order, the one essential food item on every single menu across the fast food universe (unless we’re talking Subway, but who is ever talking Subway?). You can have a great burger or a great chicken sandwich, but if you can’t pull off the fries, your restaurant probably isn’t doing as well as it could be. Here at Uproxx, we love fries just as much as you. Maybe even more. We’ve ranked as many as we could find, defended the most polarizing fries in the game, and even found ways to make them even more delicious.

The only thing we love more than fries are… well, free fries. French fries are great and all but nothing tastes as good as saving money, especially while gas and grocery prices are high. So in celebration of National French Fry Day, which is Wednesday, July 13th, we’ve rounded up all the best fry deals we can find to get you fed on the cheap. If for some reason you try to each french fries sparingly (probably not a bad move) July 13th is the perfect day to throw caution to the wind and go fry-wild.

Here are the best deals popping so far!

Burger King — Join BK’s Royal Perks app and receive a free order of Chicken Fries with any $3 purchase. I roast BK a lot in our fast food rankings and all I have to say here is that on national French fry day Burger King still can’t do it right.

Burger Fi — Download the BurgerFi app and receive a free order of fries after you place your first order. If you’re already a Burger Fi app user it looks like you’re out of luck for the promotion.

Charleys Cheesestakes — Receive a free order of French Fries with the purchase of any cheesesteak. This deal applies to both app-users and in-store diners.

Checkers/Rally’s — Rally’s is up to some weird shit. The chain is offering a free order of medium fries to anyone who signs their “Fry Day to Friday” petition, an official request to National Day Calendar founder Marlo Anderson to move National Friday to the second Friday of July. That’s some nerdy shit but hey, we’ll sign anything to get free fries. ANYTHING.

Farmer Boys — Add Always Crispy Fries for a dollar when you make any purchase at Farmer Boys.

Fatburger — Free Fat or Skinny fries with any purchase! If you order on the app you must check out using the code “FrenchDryDay22.” This deal is valid beginning July 13th through the 19th, so we’re going to go ahead and give the award for Best Deal to Fatburger.

Hot Dog On A Stick — Purchase fries in-store or online and receive a free mystery gift. Why the gift isn’t more fries on national fry day is beyond us, but hey, we’ll take it.

McDonald’s — McDonald’s app-users will be able to snag a free order of fries when ordering from the app, no purchase necessary. Don’t like having food apps on your phone? Download, order, and delete!

Red Robin — Get bottomless fry refills with the purchase of any burger or entree. Choose between Steak Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, or Garlic Fries or you know, just get all three! That’s what we’d do.

Wayback Burgers — Order through the Wayback Burgers app and receive a free order of French fries with the purchase of a burger or sandwich.

Wendy’s — Wendy’s is going all out for National Fry Day by declaring it National Fry Week. Today, receive a free medium fry with any salad purchase over the mobile app. Wednesday, on National Fry Day, you can receive a free any size fry order with any mobile purchase. On Thursday you can receive free breakfast potatoes with any mobile order purchase (don’t miss this, those breakfast fries are amazing) and Friday receive a free medium fry when you purchase fries via the mobile app.

Wendy’s isn’t f*cking around.

White Castle — Receive a free small French Fry with any purchase when using the code “FRYDAY” on online orders.