A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Regional Potato Chip Brands


Chips are perhaps the most-hated-on-yet-delicious, affordable, and inventive foodstuff on the planet. This crispy, salty, deep-fried snack offers a rad accompaniment to a sudsy can of beer, a barbecue, a burger, or a hot dog. Hell, you can eat a full bag all on its own without really trying.

We’ve all done that a few times, right? Right?

The true beauty of potato chips is the variety out there. Every region of the U.S. has its own particular homegrown brand that fans straight-up ride or die for. These chips aren’t just flavored with salt and seasoning, they’re also laden with nostalgia. We’ll always support the foods we grew up with and rep fiercely for them when the subject arises.

Still… there are ingredient and execution components that allow some regional chip brands to rise above others. So we’ve decided to rank our ten favorite regional potato chips. We’re even going to call it “definitive” though any sort of regional food argument deserves tons of caveats.

If we missed your local bag of chips, sorry! Hit us in the comments and we’ll check them out.