Chef Seadon Shouse Shares His Favorite Food Experiences In Hoboken

06.07.17 1 year ago


Welcome to EAT THIS CITY, your tour of the best restaurants in one of our favorite cities, as chosen by a world-class chef, celebrity, or local hero.

This week join us in Hoboken, New Jersey, where we meet with Chef Seadon Shouse, our guide to the Mile Square City’s culinary delights. Growing up in a small fishing village in Nova Scotia, Shouse had ample opportunity to develop an appreciation for fresh seafood; it doesn’t get much fresher than what you fish and harvest for yourself, from right in front of your own home!

Today, with over fifteen years of experience in acclaimed kitchens — including a position as the Executive Chef of Millesime, where he worked closely with Two Michelin Star Chef Laurent Manrique — Chef Shouse brings his passion for seafood and sustainability to Halifax. Located at the W Hotel, Halifax focuses on local farm and coastal fare, sourcing milk and cream for nearby dairies, eggs and greens from local farms, and seafood from fishermen practicing sustainability.

Who’s ready to eat? Let’s check out Chef Shouse’s picks for best restaurants in Hoboken!

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