The Best Tax Day Deals To Take The Sting Out Of Giving Uncle Sam Your Cash


Tax Day got you down? Maybe you owe Uncle Sam a hefty sum this year, your tax return is a grand total of $14, you can’t find your receipts and you’re scared of being audited. Or worse yet, this article is your first reminder that taxes are still a thing and you haven’t done yours.

Whether you’re feeling worn out from staying up all night or you’re feeling like a million bucks because you got your returns done early, tax day is always made a little easier by the free stuff that businesses offer. Some stuff is completely free, some is half (or more) off, some deals are for the whole family, and the best deals are for cheap alcohol to relax your brain after trying to remember all the math you thought you’d never use after high school.

The worst is finally over, and you can reward yourself for adulting efficiently by taking advantage of the best tax day deals of 2018. Go you!

Applebee’s Dollaritas

The Applebee’s Dollaritas are back for a limited time only and only at select restaurants. Check for locations near you to see if you can get your frosty mug after work.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

If you want to sweeten up your day after you get those taxes postmarked at midnight, BJ’s is offering a free pizookie with a purchase of a $10 meal. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating one of the hot, gooey cookies, you know that’s a pretty delicious deal.