The Best Weed Podcasts To Listen To During Your Next Smoke Session

These days, we find ourselves passing fewer and fewer joints between friends and spending more time smoking solo, or via Zoom (which is actually waaaaay more fun than it sounds). Smoking solo isn’t so bad, but let’s face it, cannabis is best enjoyed with friends who you can laugh with or learn from. So until the pandemic is completely over and we’re able to hang out in large friend groups and do the gross weird stuff we used to do — like pass joints between complete strangers or share bongs and vapes at a party — we suggest replacing your stoner friends with some stoner pods.

Podcasts about weed generally include hosts and guests who are lighting up mid-conversation, so if you grab your favorite herb and your device of choice and smoke along while you listen, it’s kind of like smoking with a group of funny or really interesting semi-strangers you can’t actually see or interface with. That sentence will read really sad once this pandemic is over, but right now even that level of connection is incredibly appealing.

The following picks offer a mix of comedy and education/science-focused podcasts, so whether you’re looking to laugh or looking to learn, we’ve got you covered!

The Adam Dunn Show

Now 6 years deep, the Adam Dunn Show provides an astounding three-hours of content per week without fail, airing live from Denver, Colorado every Friday at 4:20 MST. It’s pretty much the Joe Rogan Experience of weed podcasts — without all the conspiracy peddlers — offering long-form and informative discussions with guests including cannabis business leaders, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals working in the cannabis industry.

It’s more on the informative side than it is humorous, but each episode will leave you with a wealth of knowledge.

Brave New Weed

The Brave New Weed Podcast bills itself as “high-minded conversations for the post-prohibition era” and they definitely deliver on that promise. Whether we’re learning about the ins and outs of weed legalization with big names in the weed space from politicians, to authors, to scientists and advocates to having deep and thoughtful conversations about the legalization of all drugs and the enlightening powers of magic mushrooms and the psychedelic renaissance, Brave New Weed provides just over an hour per episode of deep discussion on serious topics.

Your typical stoner hang-out session this Brave New Weed is not, but if you want to explore the pulse of the most exciting things happening in the psychoactive space, this pod is will have all of that and more.

Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

The bookishly titled Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast is a great resource if you’re mostly interested in the science behind growing cannabis, offering the latest information and discussions surrounding the art of organic growing from experts in the industry. Whether you’re looking into the latest tech, like formulated soils and grow lights, or looking for tips on how to increase your yields or how to set up your indoor or outdoor operation, the Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast has more than enough useful information to get you started on your journey.


If you’re looking for a pod about weed stocks, the latest industry trends, federal legalization, and the expanding employment opportunities in the hemp, cannabis and CBD industry, Cannainsider is for you. Airing every week and hosted by Matthew Kind from Colorado, Cannainsider currently offers over 300 episodes featuring interviews with the biggest names in the cannabis industry.

With Cannainsider, you’ll hear from manufacturers, growers, seed companies, investment gurus, dispensary owners, and cannabis chemists, all lending their expertise to a long-form discussion about the business of weed. It can be a bit dry, but if you’re looking for pure information, it’s a great resource.

Dude Grows Show

Dude Grows Show is a podcast for people looking for the latest in cannabis news and culture, and some deep knowledge and know-how on the grow scene with expertise provided by the show’s super chill hosts The Dude, Scotty Real, and Guru. With over 1162 episodes, there is more than enough content here to keep you supplied to your heart’s content, so feel free to browse through episodes and zero in on topics you’re really passionate about, rather than following along chronologically.

While Dude Grows Show is very news-heavy, it’s informative without being boring, thanks in large part to the sense of humor of the pod’s good-natured hosts.

Getting Doug with High

Getting Doug with High hasn’t had a new episode since before the pandemic, but its collection of over 250 banked episodes means there is more than enough content to keep you occupied. Hosted by eternally high comedian Doug Benson, each episode of this pod features Benson joined live by fellow comedians as they get high, play trivia games, swap stories, and deep dive on all things weed.

Our favorite segment of the show is easily High History, where a guest shares stories about the first time they got high, with some of our favorite guests including Sarah Silverman, Reggie Watts, Tommy Chong, David Cross, and Tiffany Haddish.

Kevin Smith makes an appearance too. After all, this is a podcast about smoking weed and if there are two things Smith loves, it’s getting high, and talking.

Great Moments In Weed History with Abdullah and Bean

Although Great Moments in Weed History with Abdullah and Bean hasn’t had a new episode since late last year, the official GMIWH Twitter and Instagram are still active with hints of a brand new episode set to drop any day now. We can’t wait. We love this pod for the way that it combines history and weed in a variety of interesting ways on a per-episode basis while staying hilarious and never getting boring.

Hosted by How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High author David Bienenstock and Abdullah Saeed of Bong Appétit and High Maintenance fame, each episode of GMIWH features a deep dive into a different historical aspect of our favorite plant, from an exploration of Willie Nelson’s relationship to herb to serious (and humorous) discussions about weed and Jesus, the history of Amsterdam as a haven for weed, and Maya Angelou getting stoned.

It’s well researched, thoughtful, and a blast to listen to. The perfect stoner podcast to listen to at the start of a session. Be careful though, you might find yourself packing multiple bowls before the episode’s end.

Let’s Be Blunt with Montel

When we set out to make this list, we never imagined we’d be including a weed show hosted by Montel Williams. We didn’t even know Montel had a weed podcast nor that it would be, ridiculously on the nose name aside, such a great listen. Let’s be Blunt sets out to explore where cannabis, activism, and health intersect, offering serious discussions that never dips into the more immature antics of some of the other pods on this list.

New episodes air every Thursday and feature Montel joined by a varied roster of interesting guests, from doctors to cannabis researchers, actors, editors, and professional fighters. Be sure to check out the episode on MMA and Cannabis with Jake Shields. It’s short, but a fascinating listen.

Sufficiently Chai

Hosted by Lindsey and Rachel, who describe themselves as “two Jewish blondes… professional weed smokers and very amateur Torah scholars,” Sufficiently Chai is a podcast about… well, it’s about two Jewish blondes who like to get high and talk about the Torah. It’s an admirable attempt to reframe religion — specifically Judaism — as interesting, modern, and most importantly, relatable to a young audience.

The show is hilarious and inviting enough that it makes a fun and addicting listen, even if you’re not Jewish. The pandemic seems to have put a strain on the pod, as it’s not updated quite as regularly as it once was, but the girls still make an effort to get together and put together nearly hour-long episodes every other month or so.

The Wine & Weed Podcast

The Wine and Weed Podcast is only about a year old now but it’s quickly building up an audience thanks to the remarkably chill vibe of the show’s host Steelo Brim and Chris Reinacher. What’s great about Wine & Weed is that it isn’t exactly a podcast about weed, but rather it’s an exploration of what’s currently bouncing around today’s cultural zeitgeist, all while Brim and Reinacher chop it up over a fresh joint and a glass of wine.

It’s a fun cross-faded hang, and it never gets too deep or pretentious about the weed or the wine, instead, Brim and Reinacher take a casual connoisseurs approach, and the vibe is all the better for it. It’s not the ideal podcast if you’re looking for content about weed but it makes the case why a casual glass and smoke of the good stuff is the perfect accompaniment to any podcast.

We strongly suggest going with the YouTube video version of the pod for this one.

Weed + Grub

Easily one of our favorite weed podcasts of all time, Weed + Grub consists of co-hosts Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson chopping it up over the latest in pop culture, sex, food, and of course, cannabis. Both host’s expertise is well established, Glazer was a cook for Gordon Ramsey’s The F Word and is an Emmy-nominated comedian and Gibson is the culture editor over at High Times, but it’s the chemistry between the two that proves itself to be the pod’s most infectious feature.

Weed + Grub consistently pulls some of the most interesting weed-smoking guests, from Jim Belushi to Ron Funches, Buck Angel, and the always cranky David Crosby.