The Best Food & Drink For Your World Cup Party


The World Cup is wrapping up this weekend. England and Belgium will face each other for a third-place finish on Saturday. On Sunday, underdog Croatia takes on France for all that FIFA football glory.

Soccer gets a pretty big slight in the US. Still, 22 million Americans (about a fifth of the Super Bowl’s viewers) are going to watch the World Cup Final this weekend. Granted, that’s a pretty small drop in the bucket compared to the over three-and-a-half billion people who watch worldwide. Basically, half the planet is going to tune in to see if Croatia can make history against the French. That means there’s going to be a party or two happening and those parties need booze and food to keep them going.

We thought we’d take a note from FIFA’s global approach and put together a drink and food menu for a great World Cup party this weekend. We’re focusing in on French and Croatian food and drink to celebrate those teams’ advancing to the final. It’s a little culture, some great food, plenty of booze, and 90 minutes of intense soccer.