Why Each Of Pinterest’s 20 ‘Most Pinned Places’ Belongs On Your Bucket List


Time to get out the Bucket List. Pinterest recently released a list of the top 20 most-pinned places in the world, and yes, they’re all gorgeous and inspirational and wanderlust-stimulating. The biggest question is, where to travel to first?

The answer, of course, depends on your priorities. Are you looking for a spot to take an epic selfie? Do you want an old world adventure? Or is it time to finally visit NYC? Here’s the breakdown:


New York City: If You Want To Be A Tourist In Your Own Country

new york city skyline

Between the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, you might see a celebrity or two. Heck, you can even stay in the historic five-star hotel where Obama attended a fundraising dinner once upon a time!

Be sure to check out the pizza joint that our food editor calls the best in the country!

Just had the legendary #difara pizza with @gabe_kennedy. Rode the old #vespa there.

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Marrakech, Morocco: If You Want To Feel Like You’re In A Spy Thriller


Yes, James Bond spent some time in Morocco in Spectre. But don’t forget Alfred Hitchcock’s 1956 classic, The Man Who Knew Too Much, which features Jimmy Stewart exploring the city’s outdoor markets before his son is kidnapped by the Ambiguously Bad Guys.

Surely you need this kind of adventure in your life.

Another throwback to Morocco ??? #tbt #nofilterneeded #spicemarket #marakesh

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Kyoto, Japan: If You’re Into Temples, Tea, And Ending Global Climate Change

kyoto geisha

Okay, so the Kyoto Protocol really has nothing to do with the city other than the fact that it happened to be the place everyone was meeting when they agreed on the Protocol in 1997. But the former capitol of Japan (for over a thousand years!) will delight you in other ways, with its numerous temples and its famous geisha district.

Petrohué Falls, Chile: If You’ve Already Been To Niagara Falls

petrohue falls

Chile’s Petrohué Falls are another caliber of gorgeous, and make for jealousy-inducing snapshots that will look great on the walls of your house. Because that’s what this is all about anyway, right?

Somoto Canyon National Monument, Nicaragua: If Jumping From A Ridiculously High Cliff is Also On Your List

somoto canyon

A must-see place when in Nicaragua, navigating the canyon does require one fifteen-foot jump into a pool. But for the truly ballsy, there are 60-foot drop-offs to try, as well.

Hanoi, Vietnam: If Everything You Ever Learned About Vietnam Came From Apocalypse Now


Because there’s so much more to it than that. Dubbed the “Paris of the East,” its tree-lined boulevards and French colonial-era buildings will enchant you as you slurp down your pho bo.

Reykjavik, Iceland: If You’re A Diehard Fan Of Bjork And Sigur Rós


Of course, there’s way more to Iceland than that. In the past few years, the country with a population similar to that of Corpus Christi, Texas has soared in popularity as a don’t-miss destination, due in no small part to its magical, mythical landscape, full of jaw-dropping vistas, steamy springs and sprawling glaciers. Check out this crazy awesome seven-day tour if you’re not sure where to begin.

Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand: If You Want To Feel Like Frodo Baggins

milford sound

Okay, so Lord of the Rings wasn’t actually filmed at Milford Sound, but its sweeping fjords feel like they’re right out of the movie. Plus, since you’ll be in New Zealand, you might as well take a Lord of the Rings guided tour.

If you’re cruising the sound, look out for playful dusky dolphins — the smallest dolphin species.

Cape Town, South Africa: If You Also Want To See Penguins

cape town penguins

Yes! African penguins! A large colony lives at Boulder Beach. But they probably won’t let them hug you, so you shouldn’t even try. (Fine, you can try.)

4 continents down, 3 to go. How about you?

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Los Angeles, California: If You’ve Always Known You Were A Celebrity Waiting To Be Discovered

los angeles
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Okay, so fame and fortune probably won’t happen just because you’re planning a trip to the home of the Hollywood sign, but you never know, right? (Also, this hotel is ridiculously cool and will at least make you feel like an ultra-chic movie star.)

And the food! L.A. is on a roll and has, arguably, the best (and weirdest) food scene in the nation right now.

Lisbon, Portugal: If You Need Clarification Between The Moors And Moors


Here’s a hint: One of them is a type of landscape featured in Wuthering Heights, the other are historical inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula. For more education on the latter, hit up Lisbon’s São Jorge Castle while you’re in town.

Thanks for having me Lisbon! ??? It was nice to meet you! Next Stop: Germany. ✈️ #thankful

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Kjeragbolten, Norway: If You Want To Take The Most Epic Selfie Ever


Sure it’s selfish, but that is the nature of a selfie, after all. For a shot that looks truly death-defying, visit this wild glacial deposit, which happens to be suspended 3,000 feet over an abyss. NBD.

New Orleans, Louisiana: If Your Bucket List Is Mostly Made Up Of Places To Eat Jambalaya And Beignets

new orleans
Getty Image / f11photo / Shutterstock.com

Quick lesson: Beignets aren’t donuts, per se. But they are what you are going to eat when you’re in New Orleans, jambalaya for days, and Café du Monde’s famous chicory coffee. They pretty much won’t let you out of the city if you haven’t stopped there. Pretty sure that’s true.


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Tulum, Mexico: If Seeing Ruins Is Your Thing, But So Is Relaxing On The Beach


Explore by day, lounge by night. Tulum is the site of a well-preserved Pre-Colombian Maya walled city located right on the cliffs above the sea. Once you’re finished checking the ruins out, you can go back to your hotel and relax on the beach, preferably a private one, preferably at this crazy cheap Airbnb property.


Glacier National Park, Montana: If You Connected With That Marmot Super Bowl Ad

glacier national park
Getty Image

Okay, please don’t fall in love with a marmot—because you might encounter one or two here. Along with gorgeous scenery, from lakes, to mountains, and everything in between. There’s a reason it’s called the “Crown of the Continent Ecosystem.”

Glacier Gazing @juliancarr

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Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia: If Moby Dick Is Your Favorite Book Of All-Time

port fairy

A historic whaling station since 1835, this cozy little town will make you feel like you’re about to ship off on a two-year journey in search of…well, hopefully not a destructive, godlike white whale. If you’re not much of a whaling fan, you can at least visit the Cheese World Museum!

Also, the Port Fairy Folk Festival is a beloved Aussie music festival that still feels more like a chill community gathering.

Jarlshof, Shetland, Scotland: If You Think That The Best Thing Scotland Has Is Whisky


Here, you’ll discover “one of the most remarkable archaeological sites ever excavated in the British Isles.” Which is pretty cool. You can decide if it’s better than a smoky glass of Scotch, for yourself, though.

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona: If Waterfalls Are Your Jam And/Or You Don’t Want To Travel To Chile

havasu falls

So, two waterfalls on this list. This one’s at least a little closer to home. Plus, you’ll get to cross the Grand Canyon off your bucket list while you’re at it. Good deal.

Also worth noting, this is the most remote town in the lower 48. You have to hike in 10 miles or be ferried via donkey or helicopter. It’s stunning, secluded, and you don’t need reservation like Grand Canyon National Park (even though you are in the canyon).

Positano, Campania, Italy: If You Screwed Up Valentine’s Day And Need To Make It Up With A Second Honeymoon


Look at this place. Just look at it. It screams idyllic, what with those buildings built right into the cliff. You book a trip here, you get the Amalfi Coast crossed off your bucket list, and you also make your significant other happy. It’s a win-win, really. (And if you really want to splurge, why not rent an entire boat?)

Good night ??? Positano, Italy via @tuulavintage

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Musha Cay, Bahamas: If You’re Not Really Into Bucket Lists And Would Just Sip A Mai Tai On The Beach

musha cay

There you have it, then. You’re in the Bahamas. Do what you will.