Burger King Is Either Offering To Pay Off Some Student Loans Or They’re Trolling Really Hard

Getty / Uproxx

Burger King is up to something. Either they’re offering to pay off some student loan debt or they’re trolling Twitter users in the meanest way possible. At 10 am PT on May 22nd, Burger King tweeted a simple question, “got student loans? what’s ur $cashtag?” That’s it.

And since that tweet, they’ve been flooded with replies from hopeful Twitter users trying to get a bailout from BK. Tough to say if it’s working or not, thus far.

A $cashtag, for anyone unaware, refers to a Cash App user ID, so whatever Burger King is up to, it seems to be in partnership with the Cash App. The move is possibly in reference to the news of Robert F. Smith paying off the student debt of the entire 2019 Morehouse University graduating class.

As of now, the replies have reached 28k with most user’s exhibiting cautious optimism that they might open up the Cash App and find a generous donation from Burger King. This is an interesting play for a brand that’s been adept at garnering attention on social by trolling McDonald’s.

I’m not hating, I just wonder if Burger King is going to continue to make food or just morph into some new entity entirely. Like some sort of post-modern non-profit drive-thru Burger donation center. All jokes aside though, Burger King does have the best fries, and while we’re at it we are pretty stoked for that Impossible Whopper, so even if they are trolling, we can’t be too mad at them.

Also, that would be hilarious. Mean, but hilarious.