Bandits Have Made Off With Record Amounts Of Syrup In Canada

Quebec can’t seem to keep a lid on their maple syrup supply. CBC news reported that thieves made off with approximately 20,000 liters of maple syrup from a storage facility in Dorval. The thieves stole a shipping container that had 20 pallets of one-liter bottles of syrup (the perfect chugging size). The heist was reported to have been worth $150,000.

This is not the first time the Great White North has experienced a massive maple syrup heist. Between 2011 to 2012, $18 million worth of syrup went missing. Mexuscan Cargo vice-president Alfredo Monaco said the syrup was headed to Japan, but the deal is no longer on the table. Monaco said he is puzzled by the whole incident, because there’s not necessarily a black market for syrup:

“You can’t sell this at the corner store. People will know what it is, so it’s probably harder to get rid of on the black market. “We do take precautions, but the minute you let your guard down for one second, that’s it.”

Monaco said they are not taking this recent theft lightly. From here on out, he said they plan to keep their maple syrup supplies under lock and key. He hopes that will make it impossible for thieves to pull off a heist like this. And we know people take their syrups seriously, especially when it comes to a dollar amount like this one. One thing we do know: if the syrup heist and the various cheese heist gangs get together, there’s sure to be a hell of a brunch.

(Via CBC News & Financial Post)