A Captured Bee Was Forced To Watch ‘Bee Movie’ Against Its Will

When a bee somehow infiltrated his home, Twitter user @whiteandfaded had a choice to make. The bee seemed passive, and he could easily dispatch it, but what should be done? He was the being in control, so instead of smashing the bee under his human might, he decided to make it his prisoner. The bee had crossed a line coming into his home, and now it must pay the price. But the price would not be its life, no. The bee would go through a sort of rehabilitation. The bee would have its own Clockwork Orange-esque forced-exposure. The bee would watch Bee Movie against its will. It was a stern sentence. Stern, but fair.

And so it began.

Crowdsourcing torture, @whiteandfaded left the bee’s fate in the hands of the masses. They overwhelmingly chose to watch Bee Movie.

The plan was set into motion. Laws were broken in order to enact the maverick bee’s sentence.


Slowly, the oxygen would leave the bee’s prison as it watched the 2007 Seinfeld vehicle. And so, concerned folk on Twitter would question the potential death-while-watching-Dreamworks Animation. The bee was then freed, able to roam the keyboard of @whiteandfaded.

And like that, the bee was gone. Hopefully free, like a Jerry Seinfeld.

(Via Daily Dot)