Costco’s Beer Inspires Some Tipsy And Heartfelt Homemade Commercials

Costco is one of those mega-shopping establishments with no shortage of surprising treats. Sure, most outsiders without a yearly membership probably look down on the thought of visiting Costco’s food court, but the affordable, tasty eats there rival most fast food. In fact, the hot dog is a delicious steal at just $1.50.

But what about the booze?

Costco’s Kirkland beer brand is best described as forgettable but drinkable. Mostly, it’s affordable. The toughest threshold to cross is buying the minimum-mandatory 48-pack when you just want to dabble, but at $21.99, the price is right. And it’s not like the beer is bad — you can get worse — but for some, the low cost and decent taste are enough to inspire a day of homemade commercial-making for the anonymous brand.

Enter Randy Colpek, who brought his heartfelt marketing to Reddit, where he claimed he drank 18 Kirkland Lights per day, five days a week. He loves his Kirkland like Barney loves Duff and wants the world to know that you can get his favorite beer where you buy your pants.

Watch in awe as Colpek crashes through a heroic amount of 48-packs that he’s likely been collecting over the winter, spewing catchy and self-deprecating (but still loving) taglines for the beer that clearly has him droopy-eyed and ready for a Costco slice of pizza. It’s an ode to mediocrity that’s anything but.

A Costco alcohol protip: skip the beer and head right for the Kirkland vodka. It’s basically made in the exact fashion as Grey Goose in the Cognac region of France, maintains the same quality, and is $18 cheaper.

(Via AV Club)