David Lynch Teamed Up With Brewers To Make Some ‘Damn Good’ Beer

Surrealist art and beer are together at last. Famed mind-bending filmmaker and artist David Lynch has teamed up with equally famed craft brewmasters Mikkeller to make some beer. Rest assured, it’ll be some damn good beer too, with the level of talent involved.

According to Mikkeller, the collaboration ended up being three distinct beers, “Log Lady Lager, Red Room Ale, and Damn Good Coffee Stout.” The last one was brewed with Lynch’s signature roast of coffee. Which… of course David Lynch has his own coffee brand.

The collaboration went beyond brewing the beer — Lynch and Mikkeller also worked together on original art that Lynch drew himself and shared with the brewers along with a color palette and aesthetic lifted straight from Lynch’s now-legendary TV series, Twin Peaks.

According to Mikkeller’s press release, the beer is only going to be available for a very limited run in California. It will premiere at Lynch’s Festival of Disruption, which a press release says, “focuses on music, art, film and meditation.” And, now beer too. If you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, you can attend the festival and sample the beer (and collect the gorgeous cans) while listening to The Kills and TV On The Radio. The beer will then go on a limited run in a few markets around the state.