Disney Is Serving Up Dim Sum Characters That Are Too Cute To Eat

Millions of people flock to Disneyland and Disney World every year, and while most folks go for the attractions and the photo opportunities with their favorite characters, foodies are heading to the parks for the grub. Sure, there are some pretty great dining options at Disneyland and Disney World, but if you want something a little bit different and a hell of a lot cuter than a gigantic turkey leg, you’ll have to head over to Disneyland Hong Kong for some authentic dim sum with a delightfully adorable Disney twist.



According to Eater, the Crystal Lotus Restaurant is creating amazing edible treats that are way too cute to eat. You wouldn’t think twice about biting Mickey’s ear off when you’re chowing down on an ice cream bar, but how could you possibly eat Mike from Monsters Inc looking back at you with his single eye? Or an adorable Olaf hanging out with the aliens from Toy Story? More than a few reviews of the Crystal Lotus on Trip Advisor mentions how pricey it is, but this is Disney we’re talking about here. If you want quality and kawaii you better remember to bring your credit card, because an average Disney dim sum lunch is around $50 per person.

(Via Eater)