Why You Should Never Try To Recreate A Childhood Vacation

03.27.16 2 years ago 5 Comments

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While it’s fun to visit days past online and from the comfort of your couch, actual trips down memory lane might be ill-advised. Like, literal trips.

Trying to re-find the magic of childhood family vacations – whether to Disney World or in the great outdoors – might make you wish you’d left the past in the past.

Here’s why you should focus on creating new adventures, rather than reliving old family shenanigans.

1. Motion sickness is a thing.

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Now that you’re old, your pain threshold has more than likely decreased. This same logic can be applied to your resilience.

As a youth, rollercoaster after rollercoaster did nothing to hinder your fortitude. Unless sugar-loading occurred before a trip on the tilt-a-whirl, nausea was short lived and all those leaps and dips were merely challenges to be conquered.

Trips to the amusement park as an adult won’t necessarily go as well. After two rounds on the Tower of Terror, you might feel a little weak in the knees. And with ticket prices soaring, you’re gonna want to make it through a whole day at Mickey’s kingdom.

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