The News Your Year Needed: Eating Cheese Linked To A Longer Life


After the rough year that 2016 has been, most people probably don’t want to think about adding years to their lives. Unless you’re Ruth Bader Ginsburg and pretty much need to stay alive for four to five more years in order to maintain any semblance of order in the free world. Based on a new study from Nature Science, cheese could be the answer to that need. Not just any kind of cheese though, but aged cheeses that have the compound spermidine in them specifically seem to extend the lifespan of mammals based on tests with rats and mice.

On top of the mice testing, the study also consulted hundreds of Italians about how much cheese they eat and then observed the health affects based on their responses. Which is smart, seeing as there is no nationality more know to love putting cheese in and on every entree. The risk of high blood pressure and heart failure both lessened with more cheese intake due to the effects of spermidine which is great news for people who already love a gooey six-cheese mac and cheese on their plates.

Spermidine is also found in certain vegetables and grains, but why would you be healthy and eat vegetables when you could just smother every meal in a perfectly aged sharp cheddar? Cheese always wins in the end.

(via Metro UK)