Eggspressos Are Here To Make Your Easter Delicious And Caffeinated

Step away from Starbucks and their Cherry Blossom Frappuccino scandal. (IT’S NOT EVEN CHERRY. IT’S STRAWBERRY.)

No, the coffee drink you should go for this Easter is the eggspresso. It’s a large chocolate egg filled with delicious, piping hot espresso. And unlike the “cherry blossom” tragedy, this stuff is actually caffeinated. But most importantly, it’s completely and utterly adorable. Just take a look at this video posted to the Karvan Coffee Instagram page.

The barista puts a hollowed chocolate egg into an espresso cup and fills it with the concentrated nectar of coffee bean goodness. As you sip, the chocolate melts into the espresso for a creamy, sweet treat.

Karvan Coffee is located in Perth, Australia, but these eggspressos are also being sold at the Coffee Collectif in Denmark and Excelso Coffee in New Zealand. Surely an American coffee house will catch on before Easter.

If not? It’s easy to make at home yourself. All you need is some high quality coffee or espresso, a hollow chocolate Easter egg, and a coffee cup. Cut the top off of the egg, place it in a coffee cup, then fill the egg with coffee or espresso. Voila! And psst: at home you can even add a little bit of Bailey’s for a Cadbury creme eggspresso concoction. We won’t tell.

Doesn’t that sound like the best way to eat a chocolate Easter egg anyway? With a shot of espresso and a bit of chocolate, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve been resurrected from the dead.