Elon Musk Really Wants To Bring Us Teslaquila

Getty Image

If you’ve ever dreamed of knocking back shots of tequila while on your SpaceX rocket en route to Mars then the world might be catching up to your weird ultra-specific fantasy. Over the past year, we’ve learned that in addition to being the closest thing we’ll ever have to a real-life Tony Stark (some would argue he’s more Lex Luthor), Elon Musk dated Grimes, got high with Joe Rogan, made some questionable tweets (one that lost him his chairman title at Tesla), and showed that he is far from the robotic-caricature he’s often portrayed as, and more just a regular rich ass dude.

Like many-a-rich-dude before him, Elon is now throwing his hat in the tequila game. According the CNBC, Musk just filed a trademark with the intent to use under the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The trademark in question? Teslaquila. Obviously, filing a trademark does not necessarily mean a product will come to fruition, but Musk has been flirting with this idea for a while now.

Although the idea of Teslaquila originated in an April Fool’s joke made by Musk about Tesla going bankrupt, accompanied by a picture of him pretending to be passed out against a Model 3, this isn’t Elon just getting high again and doing some stupid shit. Today Elon followed up that April 1st tweet with a visual approximation of what the bottle of booze may look like, along with a warning, “Teslaquila coming soon…”

One thing is for certain: If this isn’t all an elaborate troll (which it might be!) Elon Musk’s graphic design skills still need some work. Our biggest question is why Teslaquila? Surely Musk has invaded the news cycle enough this year that everyone knows him on a full-name basis. Why not Muskquila? At least it sounds like a type of alcohol and not like what we sound like when we’re drunk and attempting to say Tesla-coil.

Either way, the internet had some thoughts and advice for the newsmaking billionaire.