Disasters That Might Ruin Your NYE Party (And How To Get Past Them)

12.28.18 5 months ago


We all wish that every party would go off without a hitch. But life is messy. Food gets burned, guests are less than stellar, and, occasionally, some sort of mysterious entity descends on your town and you can’t go outside without being blindfolded or you’ll turn into a maniac and die.

Point being, stuff happens. When it does, it can be tempting to fall apart, throw in the towel and assume the party you’ve put so much love and work into is ruined. It’s not perfect anymore, so what’s the point?

But even when things go wrong at your New Year’s Eve party, it’s still worth continuing. Like life itself, your kicker can be perfectly imperfect. Those “on the fly” improvs sometimes often become our favorite, strangest, most exhilarating moments. The ones that we remember forever. It’s all about keeping your cool and navigating whatever the party Gods throw at you. So, here’s our guide to the disasters that often happen when throwing an NYE party (using movies that feature each scenario) and how to get past them. With a few tips, you’ll never remember the challenges, just the incredible feeling of a night that exceeded all of your expectations.

A 127 Hours Nightmare

You’ve picked foods that tie you to the kitchen and now you can’t escape.

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THE PROBLEM: Sometimes you think things will take less prep than they do or you try to do too much when throwing a party. Now, you’re stuck for the entire party in the kitchen over a hot stove, only getting to chat when someone takes pity on you. “Am I the host or a caterer?” you start to wonder.

THE FIX: This is an easy solution, truly. It’s your party! When people ask to help, let them! Have them chop up veggies or pass out drinks or whatever you need. It will make things go faster and be more fun. And then, don’t be afraid to abandon literally anything. One dish is way too complicated? Kill it. Throw out the baby with the bathwater and set out some simpler things and enjoy yourself. Quit being the bartender and toss some wine on a table that people can help themselves to. If you’re not having fun at all while hosting, let some of those responsibilities go.

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