All The Reasons You Should Throw Your Own New Year’s Eve Party


There’s no party night filled with more pressure than New Year’s Eve (except perhaps your own wedding but that’s a whole other thing). Because this isn’t just about having a crazy, epic night that rages all night long (although that’s certainly part of it); it’s about feeling like your New Year’s Eve party will set the vibe for the whole year to come. Is your night filled with beautiful people in glittering rooms clinking champagne glasses — ending only when your perfect midnight kiss turns into a hot fling? Then, you assume, your resolutions will all come true! You’ll lose weight and get a promotion and meet the woman or man of your dreams!

But if your night is filled with a bunch of weirdos in skeevy clubs, weak, overpriced cranberry vodkas, and vomiting into a public toilet right as the clock turns midnight, you’re in for a year of pure ruin. “This is the moment when my life went off the rails,” you’ll think sadly, next December. “The day my dreams turned to dust.”

So why would you put that kind of trust into a bar or restaurant (presumably advertising with a New Year’s Eve party flyer designed in someone’s basement in the early 2000s)? You have no idea if they’ll put the kind of care into an event that will literally define your entire year and thus, existence. Hosting your own party allows you to control the variables and cut down on the hassle. Pick only the guests who are charming and fun, the food and drinks you love, and the music that you’d dance to forever. It’s really the only way to go.

So get ready to send out the last-minute email invites of your choice, because these are the reason that you should absolutely host a party this year.

1. You’ll save so much money.

Going out on New Year’s Eve is like taking piles of hundred dollar bills and just flinging them off the side of a building. Although actually, it’s worse. Because at least if you did that, you’d be making a lot of people’s day with surprise “sky money”.

For most places you go on New Year’s Eve, you’re spending an exorbitant amount of money simply to walk through the door. Throw on top of that the food and drink (in which you’re paying double or triple normal prices), surge prices on Ubers, and a hotel stay and you might as well assume your future offspring will never go to college because you’ve just taken out a loan that would fund a small country for a year and you’ll never pay it back.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it’s not THAT far off. And why blow all that cash? By staying in and throwing your own party, you’ll keep your money right where it belongs — in gold bars, buried in your ancestral family graveyard.

2. You won’t need to worry about losing your coat.