The Best New Foods On Offer This Year At The Texas State Fair

09.20.18 8 months ago

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Few things get us as excited as new state fair food. The state fair food scene is like the best jazz — wild and untamed, occupying the space between convention and chaos, held together with a single objective in mind: overloading the senses. State fairs are the venue of unhinged food experimentation, it’s what makes them such an addicting yearly tradition. As charming as the barkers and games on a good midway may be, the whole thing is really all about the food. And this year the state fair of Texas is rolling up with 14 new food items that are sure to overwhelm your taste-buds as only a Texas fair could!

We’ve picked the five most eye-catching and delicious sounding new options but definitely check out the full list if you can’t get enough. The State Fair of Texas opens in just eight days on September 28th and runs until October 21st. It’s the last major state fair of the year and one of the largest attended. So many people show up every year that they don’t even bother to count! Which sounds so very Texas of them, and we love it.

Fruity Dessert Nachos

State Fair Of Texas

Starting things off with a bang, we already have a synthesis here of two of the world’s greatest creations, nachos and the banana split. Thin and crispy butter cookies act as the tortilla chips, giving you the perfect vehicle to deliver fresh blueberries, strawberries, and bananas to your gaping maw. Ghirardelli chocolate sauce drizzle and whip cream tie it all together for the perfect anytime dessert.

The only thing that would make this more of an obvious state fair hit is if they found a way to deep fry the whole thing at once.

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