These Pictures From YourParadise Festival In Fiji Will Make You Want To Book A Ticket

Look, we don’t need to tell you how to live. You do you. Sure, we encourage you to travel, and eat good food, chase dreams, and celebrate weirdness in the world, but we aren’t the boss of you. Still, we relish our role of surfacing cool adventures that you might love — events that might be worth saving money for, building plans around, or even, as with this case, flying halfway across the globe to attend.

The YourParadise Festival in Fiji is pretty straightforward. It’s a bunch of people, surfing, swimming, fishing, and partying on an island. Like Club Med for the MDMA generation. Skrillex was there. So was Anna Lunoe. They danced on the biggest catamaran in Fiji and basked on tiny sandbars. They also did all of the awesome things that are Fiji particular — like having a traditional kava ceremony.

The event wrapped last week and the pics are pouring in. So what’s the verdict? Does it seem like fun to you? Does it make you want to splurge on a trip next year? Because this one has us kind of hyped — if you go, expect to see some of the Uproxx crew.

Fiji sunsets are tough to beat.

Public proposals seem like a bad call, but if the vibe work, go for it!