Arby’s Is Serving Whole Turkey Legs To Mark The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Finale

Game of Thrones is set to wrap up its seventh season on Sunday and Arby’s is looking to capitalize on the excitement (or looming dread depending on your outlook) by giving their menu a medieval tweak. That way when you’re gasping or yelling during the evening’s festivities, there’s something you can shove in your HBO watching gob.

Arby’s has announced that its added a smoked turkey leg to its The Meats® roster. It’s not an official GOT sponsored tie-in, but rather a savvy bit of piggybacking for folks that don’t want to venture into a renaissance fair before this weekend’s finale. Feasting on a leg (ideally with NO poop montages this go-around) isn’t something being offered by all Arby’s locations, though. Only select locations (Fargo, Los Angeles; Redmond, Norfolk, Pittsburgh, Phoenix; Denver; Omaha and Atlanta) have the smoked turkey leg on the menu and it’s your standard “while supplies last” offering.

If the turkey leg’s a hit, maybe more fast food joints will trot out their own TV-themed menu items. Maybe McDonald’s could reintroduce the McDLT for the end of The Americans or a special brand of Eggo novelty treat could turn up at Burger King when Stranger Things returns. C’mon American food vendors, ride this wave as far as it will take us!

(Via Food & Wine)