Are You A Game Changer? Time To Win Some Money For Your Cause


Dr. Bennet Omalu. Rachel Sumekh. The Gangsta Gardener. All underdogs who took a stand for what they believed in, went toe-to-toe with established institutions (such as pro football, UCLA, the City of Los Angeles)… and ultimately, triumphed in the face of adversity.

Does this sound like you? Maybe someone you know? If so, you could win up to $5,000 for your cause, or theirs. Simply submit a photo or short video of this Game Changer with up to a 500-word explanation. Or tweet your submission for this contest (with your short pitch or video) using the tag #GameChangerContest @ConcussionMovie. The nominee could be a small charity, a philanthropic business or an inspiring individual who has made a positive impact in their community. Just tell us what makes them (or you) amazing.

Know any of these exceptional people? It’s time to let the world know… you might just win some cash or funding along the way.