Goat Yoga Is Proof That We’ve Finally Reached Peak Oregon

No, this is not a Portlandia sketch. This is goat yoga. Goat yoga is thing real people in Oregon do. And it sounds pretty cool actually. Lainey Morse owns a farm in Corvallis, Oregon that’s home to a lot of goats (and other farm animals). After a health scare, Morse decided to open No Regrets Farm to the public to teach yoga classes alongside her goats. People loved the idea and flocked to Morse’s farm. Now there’s a waiting list for reservations to her $10-a-session goat yoga classes. Okay, we’d better double check because this sounds a lot like a Portlandia sketch.

Goat yoga is as much about therapy as it’s about exercise. Morse’s long term goal is to create “animal-assisted therapy for people suffering grief or abuse as well as people with special needs or disabilities.” But maybe it’s legit — animal therapy is a proven method to heal our bodies and minds. Studies show that simply petting an animal can lower your blood pressure. Plus being around a pet releases oxytocin into our systems, which not only makes us happier but aids the growth of new cells which allow healing to begin.

So if you use yoga to get your chill on, maybe goat yoga is the experience for you. If yoga isn’t your jam, Morse also hosts a goat happy hour out on the No Regrets Farm so you can get faded on while hanging with goats. Again, no, this is not a Portlandia sketch. We think.



(Via Reuters)