Be Ready For Super Bowl Sunday With These Gochujang Chili Cheese Nachos

02.01.16 3 years ago

The teams playing in Super Bowl 50 have been decided. The commercial slots and halftime show are set. Which means it’s time to move onto perhaps the most important consideration of the event: What will be on your table come February 7.

Sure, you could throw some cocktail weenies in barbecue sauce and call it a night. But why not think outside the box a little—push the palate?

If you can stand a little heat, we’ve got the recipe for you. Edward Lee, the chef behind 610 Magnolia, MilkWood, and Succotash, shared the recipe for his Korean/Tex-Mex Gochujang Chili Cheese Nachos with us.

“Hold up,” you’re saying. “Gochu-what? And how is this different from sriracha?”

A primer: Gochujang, a spicy fermented chili paste, is staple sauce in Korean households everywhere. Traditionally made of glutinous rice, red chili, soybeans, and salt fermented for years (yes, years) in big clay pots, it’s loaded with umami and doesn’t have the garlic flavor profile of sriracha. So yeah, it packs a different sort of punch. People use it to top everything from bibimbap to scrambled eggs.

Lee himself developed Chung Jung One’s Gochujang Korean Chili Sauce, traveling to Korea to develop the perfect flavor profile for it. “I want that stick to your teeth texture that only gochujang can deliver in a sauce. It isn’t just spice for the sake of heat. It is nuanced and layered. It has a sweetness to it and umami, lots of umami.”

At the heart of Lee’s recipe is a beer-and-chipotle-simmered beef chili infused with gochujang. Smother tortilla chips with it and then top that with cheddar cheese, serrano peppers, and sour cream spiked with more gochujang, and you’ve got yourself a game day winner.

The TL;DR: It’s got meat. It’s got beer. It’s got cheese, chips, and of course, hot sauce. How could you go wrong with a combination like that?

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