Häagen-Dazs Is Giving Out Free Ice Cream Cones Tomorrow, Here’s How To Score One


The bees are in trouble and they need your help. What does this have to do with ice cream? A lot, considering we rely on bees to pollinate over one-third of the world’s crops, and without the work done by bees we wouldn’t get to experience the wonders of frozen dessert. Or any dessert. Oh right, and we’d probably all be dead.

Thankfully, like Arya Stark, we get to say “not today” to the God of Death — because the bees can be saved and Häagen-Daz is giving out free ice cream across the country to help rescue them. On Tuesday, May 14th, 2019, between the hours of 4-8 PM, you’ll be able to receive a free mini-cone with a purchase from any participating Häagen-Dazs store. This year’s Free Cone Day is dedicated to the honey bee, an insect the company has dedicated a considerable amount of money and attention to rescuing.

Honey bee population has been disappearing at an alarming rate in recent years due to climate change and pesticide use, which has affected pollination considerably — putting our entire food system at risk. In 2016, Häagen-Daz installed over six-miles of permanent hedgerow at the farm of their almond supplier, creating the largest year-round habitat for bees in the United States, and has donated over $1 million to pollinator education and research to-date.

Pro tip: if you want to be swimming in free ice cream like a bee in some spring pollen, download Häagen-Dazs Sweet Rewards app and receive another free mini cone or cup after your first purchase. But don’t forget to learn about the bees while your scoops are getting served up. Free ice cream is dope and all, but remember, this whole colony collapse thing is incredibly important.