These First-Look Photos From Rural Haiti Reveal The Scope Of Hurricane Matthew’s Devastation

10.11.16 3 years ago

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Haiti has, once again, been left devastated by natural disaster. The southern coastal region was ripped apart — crops decimated, towns flattened, homes whisked away as if they were never there to begin with. For most of us, it’s nearly impossible to fathom the displacement and disarray a force of nature like this creates.

As the storm clears, there’s a more pressing need than ever for clean water, with the threat of a cholera outbreak becoming more dire every day. It is one thing to ride out the storm, and an entirely different thing to persevere through the aftermath.

Jon Rose, the founder of Waves for Water, and photographer Dylan Gordon were on the first flight into Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. They’ve corresponded with Uproxx from the southern coastal region of the country — where many towns have been cut off from aid trucks, with some access being regained just yesterday. Their mission is to help get clean water to the villages where it’s needed most.

Waves for Water is a nonprofit, guerilla-humanitarian project that operates under a no nonsense, no red tape, “do something about the issue” mandate. They’ve responded to nearly every global disaster, earthquake, or tsunami over the past decade. When the crew isn’t responding to an emergency, they travel the globe implementing water filtration systems to villages in need. They work with a team of locals in every region they visit to create a lasting and beneficial bond, ensuring that when they leave, their work doesn’t leave with them.

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