Peek Inside The Mind Of Cameron Weiss, Watchmaker, In The First Episode Of ‘Human’

When it comes to craftsmanship, the human touch is the most important element. Nothing rivals the quality of an object that’s been obsessed over and carefully refined by hand. In the first episode of Human, we explore just what that means with Cameron Weiss, a master watchmaker who left behind a career with some of the greatest watchmaking shops in the world to bring the art back to the United States.

Watchmaking hasn’t truly been an American pursuit since the end of World War II, and Weiss is looking to change that. Witnessing his near-obsessive attention to detail offers insight into a man who is not only striving to make a superior product, but also fighting to prove the very relevance of his craft in the digital age. It’s a lot to shoulder for someone so young, but if anyone can manage the task, Weiss — with his virtuosic skill and fierce drive — seems to be just the person to do it.

Learn more about Cameron’s watches at Weiss Watch Company.