Meet The Irish Dad Who Accidentally Filmed A Vacation-Long Selfie In Las Vegas

We all make mistakes. We’re all guilty of a lapse in critical thought every now and then. With that being the case when someone close to us slips up we should let it go. Act as if it never happened. We’ll be happy we did when our next snafu comes around. As it surely will in due time.

This is true of almost every mishap–except those involving our parents. If your friend messes up, let that one slide. If your parents mess up? Post it on Youtube and watch the views skyrocket. As was the case when Evan Griffin from Ireland lent his Dad his GoPro for a Vegas vacation and the guy proceeded to film the entire trip with the camera facing the wrong way. The resulting four minute video is amazing.

On the YouTube page Griffin writes:

So… Gave my Dad my GoPro while he was in Las Vegas, I did not, however, instruct him on how to use it, so my dad being my dad, and a culchie, didn’t know which way to point the fucking thing…

You can’t be too harsh on the guy. We all make mistakes. Those mistakes are sometimes worth a few million views on YouTube but yes, we all do make mistakes.

(Via Evan Griffin)