This Kid Made The Mistake Of Venturing Into The Tall Grass And Got Ambushed By The Cutest Thing Ever

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Pokemon, it’s that the tall grass is dangerous and no one should ever venture into it without the proper tools or training. Sure, it may seem lush and inviting, but who knows what horrors lay beneath the gently undulating stalks. Looks like one kid learned that the hard way when he was ambushed by an attack of cute while trying to get some video of how short he looked in comparison to some impressive flora. (He didn’t expect the fauna! No one ever expects the fauna!)

The video, posted to Facebook yesterday, is set up in a pretty ominous way. Captioned with the words “ambushed…but by what?” it starts out with the little guy looking pretty happy and dapper in his Sunday best. And then… it happens.

The most horrifying thing about this video is that it was shot vertically, but there’s also a tiny moment of terror when the kid goes from comparing his height to that of the things growing in the field to him screaming and being knocked down by whatever is making all those rustling noises.

Are you watching the video? Because you should be. Especially because of how cute that dog looks. No, seriously, how cute is that dog? It looks so pleased with itself! You know what, though? Who wouldn’t be pleased after orchestrating such a well-orchestrated takedown. We certainly would be.