The Case For Living In A Van, A Treehouse, Or Sailboat

Living an alternative lifestyle isn’t always glamorous. The folks who do things differently are often the dirty ones. The salty ones. The ones who eat canned food a little too often (as depicted in the above video). They would also be the first ones to tell you that they didn’t mind any of it.

They may be dirtier but they also seem to smile differently — with more warmth, perhaps. It’s almost as if they know things the rest of us don’t. They’ve seen the sunrise in places and in ways we haven’t. They’ve watched it set while in a state of frenzy. Frantically cooking dinner or setting up camp before the last bits of light fade behind the mountains. They’ve spent sleepless nights listening to make sure nothing was leaking and things stayed O.K. They’ve worked hard for every little ounce of comfort. They live close to the earth, metaphorically and literally, so when the sun rises each morning it actually means something. It signifies that all is well.

It’s not a life most of us are used to, but each of these videos makes existence as a modern vagabond seem pretty damn appealing.