Step Aside Black Whopper, McDonald’s Just Unveiled A Grey Burger

McDonald’s China has thrown their hat into the off-colored bun ring and, surprisingly, people aren’t too excited about it. They recently unveiled their “Modern China Burger” and until it comes off from their menus on November 3rd, social media is free to scrutinize.

The Modern China Burger consists of a two pork patties, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a thousand island-looking sauce. The kicker is the grey-smog looking buns. Now, McDonald’s China is no stranger to off-colored foods, as we learned back in 2013, but a speckled grey bun might prove to be a Rubicon of sorts.

The bun looks like ground up leftovers from the sesame cone experiment, and it’s name has been called out for representing China’s position as the world leader in pollution. On the other hand, the crew over at Time Out Bejing actually worked up the courage to try the thing out and the reviews weren’t half bad.

They even went as far as to say the burger was like “Justin Bieber or Chinese fast food. So much fun to hate…but in my car, alone, and utterly unwatched, you know I’m really enjoying it.”

When the McDonald’s CEO promised a “modern, progressive, burger company“, and pinpointed China as a high-growth market, I don’t think any of us thought grey buns would be their big play. As we’ve all seen, these kinds of things can have side effects.

The fact is, grey just isn’t a good color for food — anyone who’s had McDonald’s sausage patties knows that.