Every McDonald’s In Austria Is Now Essentially A U.S. Embassy

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We’ve all been there — lost in a foreign land with our passports misplaced, wondering where the hell the U.S. embassy is. Sure, we might look up directions on our phones — but of course, the sucker is dead. If only there was some recognizable American fast food restaurant conveniently located in 119 countries across the world that could help us out. Well, it turns out, as long as you’re lost without a passport in Austria you could turn to the great golden arches of McDonald’s for aide.

The U.S. State Department has just struck a deal with McDonald’s in Austria that will essentially turn all 194 Austria-based locations into U.S. embassies. Fast Company reports that McDonald’s staff will have 24-hour access via a special hotline to the U.S. Embassy in case any distressed American citizens need to get in touch. It’s ridiculous sure, but also kind of awesome and incredibly convenient.

The deal was secured thanks to U.S. ambassador to Austria, Trevor Traina, who is a bit of a genius in his own right. Traina started trading stocks in the fifth grade and sold his first company to Microsoft in 1999, but clearly this McDonald’s Austria Embassy deal will be his true claim to fame.

As of now, this agreement is only between McDonald’s and Austria, but we expect this idea to expand if it works out. America, the only country that could make a fast food company double as an embassy. Now when will they add “I’m lovin’ it” to the Star Spangled Banner?