These Instagram-Worthy Hotels Are The Perfect Setting For Your Vacation Pics

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Laurie Gordeijns

One day, there will be books written about the intersection of travel and Instagram. On one hand, the movements of Instagram influencers around the globe have led to over-tourism in places like Phi Phi Don in Thailand and Boracay in the Philippines. On the other hand, the photo-sharing app has inspired scores of people to leave their comfort zones and see the world. That’s a good thing, right? Then again, if they’re only seeing the world in order to post pics on their phones, is that really travel at all? And on the…*counts silently* fourth hand, it would be interesting to see if the huge number of people wearing the “Influencer Trail” thin might somehow leave other travel destinations less trod for the more intrepid among us.

Point being, it’s an interesting collision. And while there are times when we dread would-be models putting their photog friends through the whole Insta-rigamarole — lonely hikes and empty beaches come to mind — hotels feel like 100% fair game. Meanwhile, design teams recognize how important the app is to travel and they seem to be building spaces specifically around the idea of getting hash or geo-tagged.

With all this in mind, we asked our favorite travel writers for the best Insta-worthy hotels on the planet. Add your own favorites down below!

Steve Bramucci, Uproxx travel editor

QT Bondi: Bondi Beach, Australia

QT Bondi feels like a property that was specifically designed with Instagram in mind (that and sex — it’s an insanely sexy hotel where the bathtub construction seems to be sending a very overt message). The interiors, exteriors, shared spaces, and the lobby all lend themselves to photographers snapping pics. Even the bikes — free for guests! — have the mid-century vibe that the Insta-masses adore.

Of course, you don’t have to love a certain aesthetic to love this property. Its sense of cool is on display just about everywhere you go — even at the front desk. Besides all that, the hotel is right smack in the middle of Bondi Beach, another beloved destination of the Instagram jet set. This is the Bohemian paradise where you can surf in the dawn hours, eat avocado toast and sip a latte at breakfast, tour street art, go for a run, and feast on refined cuisine all in the same day. When its time to party, Bondi delivers big time. And no need for an Uber, whenever the night ends you’ll be safe to wander back to QT — where sexy bathtubs and zillion-thread-count sheets await.

Room prices start at $550 AUS.

Steve Bramucci

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