People Are Dying To Get Their Hands On This Insanely Delicious Bagel/Muffin Hybrid

Step aside, spaghetti grilled cheese and avocado bun burgers. There’s a new food trend in town, and it’s both completely self-aware and also really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

It’s called the mufgel, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a muffin/bagel hybrid. Created by Scot Rossillo, self-titled “Bagel Artist” and the man behind the rainbow bagel of yestermonth, the inspiration for the mufgel actually came from a radio ad making fun of viral food trends. Rossillo’s ears perked up at the joke — which actually named the mufgel. By July 23, the pastry was made reality at The Bagel Store in Williamsburg.

And just look at the glorious results of the mufgel joke:

If you’re of the mufgel-intrigued crowd, you’re probably going to have to get up early to snag one: The Bagel Store currently only makes 42 per day and sells out by close. And the flavors vary each day, with offerings such as bacon egg and cheese pizza, mozzarella pizza, Fruity Pebbles, and chocolate chip. Each flavor has a suggested cream cheese to match, too.

So how do they taste? According to Gothamist’s Emily Siegel, who sampled a chocolate chip mufgel with apple pie cream cheese, it was “quite the experience.” The pastry is more of a dessert than anything, with the bagel part of the equation being lost among the muffiny texture and sweetness.

Over on Twitter, users are split down the center when it comes to how they feel. Some think that the ridiculous food trends need to stop:

While others can’t wait to give the mufgel a taste:

Some just can’t get past the humor in it:

However you feel about the mufgel, one thing’s for certain: This isn’t the end of strange food trends. We’re guessing Rossillo has something else up his sleeve, and even if he doesn’t, someone else will manage to come up with something wacky and wonderful.